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Ex AA cig lighter

31-01-09, 09:54

I got a TomTom and now cant charge it while driving as the cig lighter on the dash in my ex AA does not work. Does anyone know if this is common, as the light around it works but the actual socket has no power. Bought a new one from just kampers but cannot for the life of me figure out how to remove the od one without taking off the whole dash. Or was thinking it could just be a fuse, but the fuse guide I have has 20 fuses across the top row, and mine seems to have 22.

Any help greatly appreciated, as it may just mean I stop getting lost alot.

31-01-09, 10:05
oops, ignore that post. I cant count and fuse 22 is the cig lighter one, and I dont have one which would give some clue as to why it wont work.