much is my T4 worth??? [Archive] - VW T4 Forum - VW T5 Forum much is my T4 worth???

01-02-09, 07:56
Hi there, I was wondering if any of you van enthusiasts can help me!!! I have a bit of a dilemma!!!!

I have recently moved to Australia and am trying to work whether to sell my beloved T4 or get it imported out here. When I left the UK early last year the economy wasnt in as bad shape as it is today. What I am looking for is a ROUGH guide to how much my little puppy is worth, and hence would I be better of selling him?

I have a black T4 long wheelbase, self converted LWB in very good condition. Its 2000 model on a V plate. It has a tinted black rear and slide door window and sits on RS6 18 inchers. Two font seats, the passenger on a swivel. Raised false floor to fit two surfboards underneath. Fold down sofa/bed, 12v fridge, 2 gas burners, grill, sink and drainer with glass work top cover, cold water on pump tap and waste water container. Insulated carpet wall, 4 x pioneer speakers, and JVC head unit with MP3 input. Curtain separating cab from rear. Comes with silverscreens and awning.

1.9TD engine on about 90,000 miles. My van is in very good condition and clean inside and out with regular maintainance and services.

I think thats about it. If anyone has any idea how much this would be worth in these tough economical times it would be much appreciated.

Many thanks:ILU:

01-02-09, 13:45
Stick some pictures up of it mate and i'm sure someone will help you with a guide. I hate to say it though but times in old blighty are hard so it will only be worth what people are prepared to pay.

02-02-09, 01:21
Many thanks for the reply, thats what I was thinking.

Cheers mate