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No service history and clocked

01-02-09, 10:07
Hi folks, need some advice on me van. The engine has started making a rattle noise on the offside where the belt drives are.It's a 1.9 td. I bought the van 3-4 months ago and it had been serviced for me. (intermediate i think) The van did not come with any service history so i thought if i kept it well serviced she would run ok. Obviously i have now got my first problem now which i am thinking could be the timing but not sure. The thing is i just did a vosa mot check and it looks like she's been clocked. The milage is at 116.000 miles but looking at the mot history its looking more like over 200.000.(Worrying) My concern now is that with no service history whats been done OR not been done. I am thinking of getting everything done for peice of mind. This is where i need your help.....What should i think of getting done on it?

01-02-09, 10:22
It can be a problem, having no history at all.

I would sujest you take it to someone that knows these engines..
Mabe even into your local VW Van centre if you dont know a good mechanic.

Get them to give it a check over.

Have new - cam belt .. oil - filters = oil, air, fuel.
check gearbox oil.

Getting the cam belt changed will be the most expensive thing on the list.
But once its fitted they should re-set the timing etc.

Once you have done this it should be only a matter of regular servicing and looking after it, which you can do yourself or get done locally.

Its not rocket science I know, but there are pleanty of cow-boy mechanics out there.
Beware !


Rhosneigr Gaz
01-02-09, 10:40
A cambelt change on a 1.9d should not be over 200, all in.

Even a full service, belts, oils, filters etc should be around the 300-350 mark, well worth it for the peace of mind!!!

01-02-09, 10:50
First of all where did you buy this van as you have unfortunately been conned. You could stop a fellow forum member from being ripped off!

You will have obviously paid well over what it is worth & is now going to cost you alot more to put it right now and in the future.

From the VOSA report you can you can determine when this was clocked and if you involve the right people you could stop it from happening again and also be in for a good chunk of your money back.

I really do feal for you on this. :(

For these very reasons I have added the vehicle credit report (the one you pay for) and also FREE VOSA report to the T4 I have for sale.

Below is the vehicle history:

The VOSA information which is a free service which allows you to see the MOT history of the vehicle, what it failed on & advisorys, most importantly the mileage at each MOT.

You should run this free online service on every T4 you concider

This T4's history is all true and ties up with the VW Service history and receipts:

I do believe we could set a president with this and make the T4 Forum the safest place to buy and sell by making the FREE VOSA service mandatory when selling on this forum! It would also attract genuine people to the forum for renowned buying selling security! I'll start a new thread on this so we can gather support.

01-02-09, 11:03
when i was looking recently , i rang up my local VAG van centre and they were really helpful - gave them reg plate and they gave me mileage last time they were in a main dealers for work.
There are LOTS out there. I am guessing people are cashing in on the T4 scene.How hard is it to buy a high mileage 'commercial' from auction. clock it , then punt it on on the VW scene without SH for a profit ?:(

autohaus taunton
02-02-09, 09:11
my advice if it doesnt have full service history and allways check with servicing dealer walk away no matter how cheap you think van is there are plenty out there with service historys. i only sell t4s with such history.lots of happy customers.i currently have 03 bus with 32k had service every6000 miles.that is best for long life.

02-02-09, 12:07
That link to the test information is very very helpful. I have just looked at mine and it has definately had to have some work on it in the past. Bloody vans, there is always something wrong with them.

02-02-09, 13:28
When i checked the mot history it only went back too 2006????? how do i get all the history?

02-02-09, 14:14
When i checked the mot history it only went back too 2006????? how do i get all the history?

I think thats all there is mate, only goes back to when MOTs became computerised.

02-02-09, 15:46
ive just looked at my history...

When i got the van it had 121 758 miles on the clock, took it to my bud at the local garage and he said that its had loads of work on it, new brakes, new suspension and tons of other bits. It came with a service history to 95k, however on looking through it it was for a different reg...:* i though, nevermind at least my mechanic says its quality.

So looking through the history i find that in the last 2 years its done less than 500 miles, but had loads (4) of mots?? Failed on all the bits that are new...also said that it had a reg change, so that explains the service history :)