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I am new

01-02-09, 20:14
Hi all,

Kinda new on here and not an owner of a T4/T5 yet, I am looking at purchasing an Ex AA van, but i am just on the look out for what people think of them and what others would recommend. Would be very gratefull of any advice that can be given, as i am new to the transporter game.

Not really sure what to be looking for with the vans, and could do with any help that is available. I want to use the van for personal use, which would involve alot of long distance driving, and would also involve a conversion to a camper for one, with area to keep my mountain bikes, so it is going to be a case of making the most out of the space.

Just concerned with the ex aa vans as the majority have a high mileage, is this a problem?

Anyway, look forward to any help you guys/gals can offer.