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Best price??

01-02-09, 22:56
Anyone know wheres the best (read "cheapest") place to get a replacement Black plastic bumper to fit a 1999my SWB T4 (the 1piece type)

The only place I can actually find online is EuroCarParts which works out @ 111 delivered for a Pattern replacement part in the Original Black Plastic finish. :(

I dont want a crappy fibreglass replica thingy in primer for 150 so that kinda rules E-Bay out!! LOL :D

Surely I havent got to lay out 100+ for a flimsy piece of plastic have I?? :eek: :confused:

01-02-09, 23:04
I'm afraid you have to fork out fella,,, unless you can find 1 for sale, like new, which is doubtful....:(....

I'd like a new back bumper, but they are so expensive, but when i do get 1, it will be from main dealers, has aftermarket bumpers never fit as good....(my opinion)....