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Stopped in Traffic again!

03-02-09, 10:31
I was stopped in Traffic again today and asked by the guy driving the city bus was i selling my 92 left hand drive Multivan. that gave me a smile have to say.

I have a few people asking me and im not sure,

I wanted to go back to Germany and get another and sell it but the T4 Multivan is still runnin at about 5000 e.g 92. 190,000km 2 litre petrol in good condition thats my van and i saw one advertised on the german car website for 5000.

I then have to pay VRT, is it worth my while and should i sell my Van? whats your opinion?

I Kinda have my eye on a new T5 what with the market the way it is i should get a good deal but i have difficulty thinking about sellin the Multi.