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T4 Service (brakes) Etc.

03-02-09, 10:34
Took my T4 into the local (8 miles away) VW Van centre today.!

The brake warning light was on and figured it must be down to worn pads.
I havnt had them looked at before having only owned this T4 for about 1 month or so.

I booked it in with a local repair shop last Monday.. They had my van all week but
by friday said they had been to busy to look at it..
How damned anoying.. It was booked in with them and they dont even look to see
which pads need changing .. They will not be getting any work from me in future..
Further - I condem there attitude and I would diswade anyone going there.

Anyway - the saga continues - :

Another local repair shop said they would pick up my van - do the work and bring it back.
They didnt turn up ! "We got busy" they told me.. What a bunch of ****ers !

Now if the weather was ok I would do the work myself. But as it is I really dont feel like
grovelling around in the snow and rain.

So now it has gone into the local VW Van Centre to be done.

Is this a typical attitude from local repair shops that you would think would want our business ???

I find it all a bit crazy..

I Think we should have a list of recomended mechanics, garages etc.
Lots of people in this forum ask the same question.. Where to get there T4 looked at.. (I have no idea)

There seem to be pleanty of cowboys (****ers) out there.
Im all in favour of giving my work to trusted (recomended) people that will do the job for a reasonable price... Im not looking for 'cheap' but I dont like being 'riped off' either.

What are your experiences ??
And what do you think of a 'Recomended' List ??


03-02-09, 12:18
you is a little bit far away for me to help, there are plenty of decent workshops around the place as i have discovered

03-02-09, 13:27
wow Katie Thats annoying, if it is any consolation more often than not the pads are fine and it is the wear indicator at fault.

But obviously get them checked out to be sure!
Good luck!

03-02-09, 16:04

Well the VW Van Centre seems to be a verry helpfull place.

They gave the whole van a 'Vehicle Health check'. which means they checked pretty much everything that would get checked in a normal MOT I guess.. What is nice is the fact that it is all documented, in other words you get an A4 sheet of paper with the check list on and a report of there findings... And what is even better is - It costs nowt .. Thats right, zilch, nothing.. How incredable is that !

I am glad to say my T4 is in good roadworthy condition with no faults found.
My brake pad warning light is caused by the fact that the wire has chafed through on one of the rear pads.. So even though the pads are fine and in 'almost look like new' condition they tell me, the warning light was on.. They have done a tempory repair (as they call it) and charged me 37.50p + vat to twiddle the wires together ... Which to be honest I think is outragous.. But I have to say I dont care as it has been checked over and Im relieved to get it looked at...


03-02-09, 17:40
so they do a health check fro free? did you get the MOT done with them too?

Could i rock up to VW and ask them to give it a health check to see whats not okay all for free?