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south wales exhausts

03-02-09, 14:31
my exhaust has gone 2.5 102 tdi lwb.
i CANT DECIDE BETWEEN STANDARD OR stainless, decat or not.
whatever i do i need one asap

anyone know of anyone and prices???

03-02-09, 14:45
You've got Longlife there on Ocean Way in Splott mate, I had a couple of exhausts made up by them and they were great, and came with a lifetime guarantee.

nasty nick
03-02-09, 15:01
stainless with decat, go on you know it makes senseT:T:T:
(unless your thinking of selling any time soon)

mine was 400 from prospeed on city road in cardiff,
that was with 3 silencers decat and split bla bla, you seen itI:
i cant see there being much difference between lwb + swb.

powerflow quoted me 340 for a full system with decat, single backbox.

ben recommended this one ,straight through no silencers ,but i would of had to kill a WHOLE day in tonypandy:eek:

03-02-09, 15:17
but i would of had to kill a WHOLE day in tonypandy:eek:


not that bad and longlife/powerflow wouldn't do what I wanted

"you must have a silencer, we woun't do it unless you have one" Wan*ers, sounds great still, never had any issues with plod and the mot guy said "sounds nice that for an oil burner" (think he was a petrol head)

03-02-09, 15:28
Tonypandy:eek: jesus your braver than me.

where is powerflow??