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Changing a thermostat

03-02-09, 20:34
Can anybody tell me how to change my thermostat?

I am just presuming its stuck in or out, and thought ah ill just change it.

I am changing a few things sensors etc and i was told that the Thermo is stuck prob.

Where exactly do i find the Thermo in which pipe is it?

Also if i drain the coolant should i re-use it or get some new coolant?

I presume it was changed within the last year or so.

A step by step guide would be good as im a novice.


04-02-09, 10:03
Anybody? know how to do this?

paul ss
04-02-09, 11:24
be more patient dude T:

you should also state yours is a petrol as most pepole seam to forget that there is a few petrol models about .

never changed one on a petrol so cant comment realy .

04-02-09, 13:22
Yeah sorry bout that.

Its a petrol alreet, over in Germany nearly every second one is petrol well theres a hell of a lot of these that are petrol.

I have a pain in me hoop with all these cars, the Toyota wouldnt start today and the missus took my book, got the haynes manual out wreckin me head.

Think its time to off load these vehicles costin too much.

A new Caravelle could be on the way. I got an offer for the Multivan the other day and feel like gettin shot of it now to be honest!:confused:

04-02-09, 15:49
Looks like the petrol 2 litre is similar to the 1.9d
I recon the thermostat is on the waterpump.

04-02-09, 15:54
I think its in waterpump as Jeff says

mk3 golf had it in there and it was 93

Dermot you have PM

04-02-09, 19:42
Looks like the petrol 2 litre is similar to the 1.9d
I recon the thermostat is on the waterpump.

I was told the thermostat is tuck either in or out, as i havent heard the fan come on in ages, I was also told to change the coolant sensor which i did but i havent heard the fan since.

I know it has to be brought back to the mechanic but its the that are stacking up thats puttin me off, ive got a family to spend my money on and a second car thats also needing love ha ha