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New website

04-02-09, 18:09
Ok guys, need some feedback on the new website.
I have to give the final ok tomorrow.
Is it easy to use ? does it explain things? you know the stuff.
Is there anything missing?


04-02-09, 18:28
Looks really good... Couple of comments

* i think the main navigation would be better below the large banner type image.That way It's closer to the content (so less cognitive load

* The text in the left panel needs to be bigger. It's very hard to read

* your page titles need to be more descriptive e.g < title > Vehicle Tints - 21st Century tints< /title > This will improve your SEO

* The top right email should be made into an email link. at the moment it's just an image of the email address

* When you go to the contact page it should have the contact form on that page rather than linking to it. (put the contact form and contact details on the same page - no point frustrating users by providing another link to the contact form

*I think the news and updates panel should be right aligned.. or better still move them onto a seperate page. Users want to see the specific content. it would better if these were seperate pages

* I'm not sure the different image fading is working. Each banner should reflect the page you're on. When I select the Residential Tinting page it displays a graphic of the vehicle tinting? - I know the effect your trying to achieve I just don't think it works on everypage. Moving content can be bad on pages.. it distracts viewers and many people choose to ignore it (a.k.a banner blindness)

* the email on the contact form is different to the one in the header

(sorry there's a few comments but i analyse pages/sites for a living)

04-02-09, 19:23
cheers dude. its good to get someone elses views.