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number of seats on v5

04-02-09, 20:00
hi guys,on my documents, it says number of eats including driver--- yup, nothing written there!!! is this the norm??? i was looking, because i"m fitting a double in the rear and have changed a front single to a double, making it a five seater from the previous 2 seater.
any thoughts appreciated guys n dolls!!

04-02-09, 21:39
You may need a cetificate of fitment to keep the insurance lot happy mate..............if you declare an aftermarket seat in ths back I:
I know a lot of companies are strict on this matter.

My V5 is blank where it mentions "Number of seats, including drivers".

Not much help really was it :confused::)

05-02-09, 12:13
My V5 says the same, I told the insurance company i was going to add more seats (Up to 6 from 3 now) and all they did is make a note, no change to premium. Insurance is through footman james. Also had the same response when i put alloys on just a note on the policy but no increase:)

05-02-09, 12:17
Told DVLA that seats increased from 2 to 5 and sent away V5.

Few weeks later New V5 showing 5 seats.

All legal now.

Insurance told and said it was shown on V5. No problems.

05-02-09, 12:41
On mine, the seating copacity is blank !

Insurance company is ok with my 5 seats as they have seat belts.


05-02-09, 16:25
thanks guys (and dolls!) i have told my insurance company that its a 5 seater, looks like i may go the whole hog and contact dvla. does anyone know whether they will want a certificate or an engineers report regarding the safety of these seats etc???? if so i will think twice about notifying them as it could get expensive???

05-02-09, 16:28
If you have a Local DVLA, when you next need to tax the vehicke, do it there, and jsut hand them the V5 with the alteration on it.

They will check the from, give you your tax, and the modified form will be sent later to you.

Best bit. NO CHARGE.