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T4 California Model Year Specs?

04-02-09, 21:55
Hi all T4 Cali owners,

I have a simple (I hope) question relating to the T4 California and what it comes with from early model year onwards. Does anyone have a list of what they should have on them from year to year, eg '92 has Spirit stove, '93 has electric windows etc etc? Or are they all different depending on what the first owner ordered it with?



05-02-09, 08:17
If they are like the California Exclusive the Camping kit will be pretty much the same across the years but on the van side all the toys ie. Air Con, Central locking electric windows was standard after the 95/96 long nose face lift.

06-02-09, 07:49
Sorry to disagree with you Boswell,but nothing was standard on the Exclusive,Aircon,Electric windows,Central locking,Engine preheater etc were all specified at time of purchase


1996 VW California Exclusive, long nose , Aircon , no electric windows or central locking, engine preheater in metallic blue

06-02-09, 08:40
No need to apologise mate.
All I would say then is that your long nose is a rare beast bought by a pauper as every one I've seen has been fully loaded.

Bit like you never saw an XR3i without alloys even though they were an option! :D

Paul Knight
15-04-09, 20:27
my '92 cali has a different meths burner grille to my friends 93, it's only minor, but it's different! mine also has the eberspacher 7-day thermostatic heating, his doesn't have any night heater at all. also, another local guy has a very similar '92 cali to mine but his has a thermostatic heater, but no 7-day digital timer. all minor differences, but all dealer-ordered. also, he has the 'kid-catcher' net, and a fabric 'sock holder' in the back! oh, and it also has some cool factory-ordered front and rear floor mats... but i'm not jealous.... much! lol
finally, jims '93 doesn't have a sliding window on the sliding door, but both 92s do. all are double glazed though.
i think there were lots of minor detail changes - but i'd love to find a resource/site with all the options listed!

06-06-09, 18:48
Any chance of you guys posting some pics of those vans? i would like to see them.

06-06-09, 19:15

heres mine a 93 westy
which had a meths stove which has been removed and now uses small gas bottles, its got electric mirrors, a safe and mossy nets on sliding door and rear door. windows all the way round with sliders on both middle windows, has a night heater but no digital display as mentioned by paul. No electric windows, no central locking no air con.

I believe its the california coach that doesn't have windows all the way round and a tilting window above sink hobs.

06-06-09, 20:52
Nice van any more pics of interior?

06-06-09, 21:22
theres some more photo's on this thread


07-06-09, 06:46
Here's mine:




08-06-09, 17:14
This is our '03 California Freestyle in VW Fresco green. The photo was taken at Le Touquet in France summer before last (what a fantastic trip that was!)


It's a 102ps re-mapped to 130bhp with ABS, e.m., e.w., twin airbags, front fogs, heated seats, aircon, 6 CD multichanger (swapped out for an ipod head unit). Also has an eberspacher pre-heater as well as the night heater and all of the other Westy refinements. Lowered on Eibach springs with KW shocks on rear and has a Bluebird Stainless de-cat sports pipe and colour coded Kamei eyebrows. Also has Van-X roof bars which were intended for a T5 tin top that I had to heavily modify to fit. Now sits on 17" rims though as the 18" ones restricted tyre choice far too much.

09-06-09, 16:03
Boswell, thought i'd just say that you sure have a fine looking van. Its a beauty

10-06-09, 09:09
Boswell, thought i'd just say that you sure have a fine looking van. Its a beauty

Thankyou :)

10-06-09, 10:07
Got a picture with the new alloys and the roof bars


10-06-09, 14:46
Looks well John, you just need to drop a petrol engine in now! I: