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T4 Body panels

05-02-09, 08:45
i need a new skin for my passenger side door, anyone know where i can get one???



oh and its an H reg van 1991

05-02-09, 09:08
Probably cheaper and easier to just buy a complete second hand door?

05-02-09, 09:19
i did think that but as ive got a black van i thought id see what the skins cost

West Stabbo Customs
05-02-09, 15:31
As above change the door

05-02-09, 16:02
I'm guessing the reference to your van being black is that you think the skin will be black as most new panels are. However the black coating on a new panel is no good as a paint to withstand the elements and also it is not possible to fit a door skin without the need to paint it.
A second hand door and a rattle can is far from perfect but better than a new skin.

05-02-09, 17:02
Or he could mean that as it's Black it will show any imperfections more clearly, and a secondhand one might be a bit knocked around. It's fun this guessing what other people are thinking isn't it? (never get it right with Mrs though!) I: