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Pre and post 96 tailgate differences

05-02-09, 21:50
Hi, not sure if this is the right section to post this in but can anyone tell me what the difference is on a pre and post 96 tailgate?
Also, can a post 96 tailgate be made to fit a pre 96?
I am right in saying that there is a difference aren't i?

06-02-09, 07:59
My 91 had a new tailgate fitted and I think the only change is the struts (early ones are shorter). I just replaced them with long ones.

06-02-09, 08:04
The top hinges are different too. Don't have pics of both types though I'm afraid so not that much help :D

06-02-09, 11:48
Thanks for the reply guys, so it's possible then?
Different struts and different hinges....or just different hinge location?

06-02-09, 15:36
here you go this should help

06-02-09, 16:29
I've done it the other way round and fitted an earlier tailgate to a later van (originally acquired it for my first van, a 93 L reg but never got round to fitting it). When it came to fitting it to my new van it was pretty straight forward using the link above, although I ending up using rivinuts to fix the lower catch in place as there weren't any holes in the right places on my van.

The hinges are different but mount in the same place on the tailgate, the mounting points on the van are staggered on post 96 van and as said previously the gas strut mounting points are different. As long as you have the correct hinges for the van and gas struts for the tailgate I can't see any problem with putting a later tailgate on an earlier van.

06-02-09, 17:15
Thankyou guys T: