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Exhaust R.I.P

06-02-09, 15:13
My Exhaust has finaly fallen off! Any one recomend a stainless replacement? I am in Nottingham but can get it fitted if they are availible mail order.

Cheers :) ex AA 2.5 by the way

06-02-09, 17:54
Bluebird customs do mail order, who advertise on here and offer discount, but i don't know how much though. basic stainless 375 and freepost.

07-02-09, 22:01
Thanks for the info, the Bluebird pipes look good value so will probably be the one. T:

08-02-09, 09:41
Google POWERFLOW and check out your nearest dealer. Go for something a bit naughty, you know ya wanna! Reasonably priced custom shiznah.
Having your exhaust fall off is actually a really good thing.