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Various parts

07-02-09, 18:13
Hi Everyone,

I'm part way through a conversion, so have the following for sale,
(parts from a '97 800 Special)

- Half bulkhead.

- Front grille (Badged).

- Standard Indicators.

- Passenger Seat with base (Lap belt - folds flat) excellent condition.

- Captains Seat with base (Small Tear in seat) otherwise good condition.

Will probably have a few more bits & pieces over the next few weeks. Make us an offer if they are of any interest.

Photos will be on as soon as I can.

Cheers Mark.

07-02-09, 21:25
do you have a pic of the seat??? send to [email protected] if poss,thanks

08-02-09, 09:25
Do you have a picture of the half bulk head?

08-02-09, 12:02
Do you have a picture of the half bulk head?

Not at the mo, but can upload a picture later this week.

cheers Mark

11-02-09, 22:38
2nd dibs on captains seat.
just down the road in bolton too