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T4 Syncro or Merc Vito diff lock

Dan T
09-02-09, 11:05
After the poor weather here in the SW over the last weekend I left the T4 Syncro with the missus (she was stuck briefly on the moors passing people getting rescued at the end of the week) before heading to Wales for a Stag weekend - the Stags father had a Merc Vito and it had a button on it for a front diff lock........very neat 2WD and a diff lock when needed. We had no cause to use it but apparently its been fine in the alps.

Do VW have anyting similar on the T5 or I am going to have to buy a VITO to as a practical alternative ( wise) to a 4Motion T5 ?

09-02-09, 11:30
Quick shufte on google shows an elecronically operated difflock is available as an optional extra on the 4motion.

paul ss
09-02-09, 11:32
or just shim the diff up so its nice and tight I:

09-02-09, 22:50
The T4 can have an option called electronic diff lock if fitted with ABS. It is a very poor substitute for a Syncro.