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09-02-09, 17:40
hi anyone know of anyone who fixes autoboxes?? mine goes into park, neutral, reverse, drive, 3,2,1, but when in forward gears seems to be stuck in 2nd or 3rd!!!!!! any ideas. can only do 40mph...

09-02-09, 17:41
one more thing im in the north east..

10-02-09, 14:51
Hi there,
could be an electrical solenoid problem or relay issue with your gearbox so best to check that first with a good auto electrician maybe. sorry can't help you find any in your area as I am not local.
good luck,
P. :ILU:

10-02-09, 16:13
I know nothing about VW autoboxes but few years back i fitted a ZF from a RaRo into my landy 110.Bos was sold as seen from a breakers and changes were pants/hanging in gear too long etc.
Oil change and new filter sorted it.Worth a try maybe as cheapest fix ? easy to do and relatively cheap compared to garage labour costs/hour.

12-02-09, 18:40
cheers for that, but changed oil in box a couple of month ago ???