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Styleline 15% Discount!!

Ben Holley
09-02-09, 17:54

I have been saving for a while now for a full styleline kit from Tony, To my delight I have recieved an email from the man himself telling me hes offering a fantastic 15% off this month!!!! Which has made my month!! :) Just thought I would pass on the news of the great offer! T:


Captain Chaos
10-02-09, 22:11
Who do I mail to get a 7 peice b pillar kit?

10-02-09, 23:35

11-02-09, 16:47
i could possibly be selling a new unused 7 piece b pillar kit

also have The sliding door top rail trim as well normaly sold separate

and also has 3 12v sockets fitted one in bottom of both door pillars and one in The sliding door top rail trim

will know sometime next week for deffo pm me if interested


11-02-09, 18:32
have pmd you cheers, mike

Captain Chaos
11-02-09, 18:37
Second dibs on the 7 piece kit.