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Drive shaft boots

Arden Daz
10-02-09, 07:11
Anybody used one of those split driveshaft boots to save removing everything.
Too cold to be out there for agesI:

10-02-09, 07:56
Absolute rubbish, don't do it.

They won't save you much time as you'll really struggle to keep grease in the joint but keep the boot and shaft clean enough to glue, if you do manage to keep everything clean then you'll struggle to stick the smaller end together as you have to stretch it around the shaft, and then even if you do manage to get it all together then they won't last as long as a normal boot and you'll be doing the job the proper way next time as you will remember what a pain in the ass the split boots are to do T:.

Sorry to sound so negative but as with most things there aren't short cuts without problems, and if they really saved time then garages would use them as they would be a big money maker but after twenty years in the trade I've never seen anyone use one a second time 'round. ;)T:

10-02-09, 16:25
just use a stretchy boot dead easy:)


11-02-09, 10:30
Second that on the stretchy boots - a good idea. I've got the cone to stretch then over if you need to borrow one.

Arden Daz
12-02-09, 15:29
Cheers guys, looks like its a stretchy one for me then.