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mot fail

pure t4
10-02-09, 18:00
not as bad as i thort it may be. load valve compensator slightly seized not a big job. hand brake cable has broken wires on the bit from hand brake to back. any body know best place to get one and how much?
off side head lamp insecure the bit the adjuster screws into is missing on the one next to the indicator again any ideas where from is it just a block or do i need a full light housing not looked yet?will vw still have these bit do you think?

10-02-09, 18:22
Hi mate

my handbrake cable went not so long ago, got a replacement cable from the dealers for under 20 quid and to be honest not a difficult job!

try VW!

10-02-09, 18:51
i just got a head light adjuster from vw at a cost of 1.15 the part number i have is p v867 941 142 hope this is a help :ILU:

pure t4
10-02-09, 19:51
thats great looks like off to vw in the morning then.thats not too bad may have some money to spend on other bits now thanks guys T: