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Tow hich Cycle racks ?

Grren van dan
11-02-09, 18:51
Hi has any one used these there is a thule 908 one that clips onto the tow bar then folds back towards the ground to give clearance to open the tailgate. It doesn't give enough clearance on a picasso will it work one a T4? or do you know one that does?
thanks Danny

11-02-09, 21:32
I've got a Thule Ride-On 3 bike rack which just fixes to the tow ball. I've had it about 18 months but only used it on the car so far - planning to get a tow bar on the van in the next couple of months.

Yes they do swing down to give tail gate or boot clearance but that does entail unscrewing the clamping bolt which is a spanner job and not very easy to hold back in place when you tighten the clamp again. Without doing this there would not be enough clearance for a tailgate or barn doors.

Not sure if the newer versions have an easier quick release clamp though?