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Could use a hand

11-02-09, 19:50
Alrighty, the boss bought me a resin tiki head gear shift handle ages ago & I've never got round to sorting it. Now that I want to fit it I remember why I kept putting it off, I need to tap it for the gear lever.

Would anyone be willing/able to do it for me as I can't find a tap the right size to do it & I really don't wanna screw it up, am willing to pay someone &/or buy an extension to go with it.

Any help would be cool

Cheers peeps.

wind welder
11-02-09, 19:59

I have the taps here, and can make you an extension if you need it.

Email me rather than PM'ing if you want me to do it and I'll let you have my address!

Cheers Trev.

11-02-09, 20:00
Cheers bud