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Sliding windows

8 Ball
11-02-09, 20:55
Hi, Has anyone ever removed their vans sliding windows??:confused:
Tried to take one of mine out, undone all the nuts but wouldn't budge. Seems to be bonded in.

gazza g
11-02-09, 21:03
get somebody outside go inside give it a bit of
push around the rubbers and it should come out
it will be a little tight unless it is bonded but not
factory bonded just a rubber seal from vw hope this helps
cheers garyT:

11-02-09, 21:15
Took one of mine out the other week and it was a touch stubborn. Had someone outside while I pushed from the inside. I have heard of people bonding them to stop leaks. I was also informed it is a good idea to get new bolts (since they are plastic the threads can easily strip) and a new seal, which I did, cost about 10 per side from the main dealer. Part numbers are on here somewhere, but can dig them out from my garage if you want.

11-02-09, 21:19
8 Ball, Just noticed it is a camper. If you have carpet around your windows you may find that when the conversion was done the window was removed to fit the carpet 'flush' around the window. This involves folding carpet behind the window frame and glueing it. The glue from the carpet maybe holding the frame in place. This was why mine was stubborn. I was removing it to solve a leak...still not solved.

8 Ball
11-02-09, 21:47
Thanks for replies guys.

I think that they may have been fitted with a soft type sealer that normally stays soft.
This has hardened and bonded the windows over the years.
Will have another go tomorrow.

Wonder can these be replaced with flush fitting type glass?

It's always the small apparent easy jobs that end up taking longest LOL: