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1.9tdi advice please...

12-02-09, 17:39
Having no luck trying to find a decent 2.5tdi, I thought I might try a 1.9tdi so I'm going to look at a 51 plate 150k miles one. Anyone on here have or had one?

Any advice I need to know....or areas I should pay close attention to?

Any tips would be greatly appreciated by a recent air to diesel convert.

12-02-09, 18:16
i've got a 51 plate 1.9 td and it's great....

i don't know of any common problem areas, i think genarally they are very well made.

i'd say it's all down to common sense really, like buying a car.

service history, cambelt etc... how it drives, pulls left or right, how it stops....

you should be able to tell if it's had a hard life or not,

good luck with it and there are a few dudes in your area that come over to our meets every

month, so fingers crossed you might have a new van to show off, at the start of march T:

12-02-09, 18:54
Hey cheers...nice one.

Yeah I'll use the usual rules when lookin it over then.

Anyone else aware of anythin I need to know?

Rhosneigr Gaz
12-02-09, 19:08
1st big thing to note is a 1.9 is NOT a TDi, just a TD.

No ECU, no electrronic jiggery pokery, just a turbo on a 1.9d engine.

68bhp standard, easily tweakable to 80ish at home with spanners in a morning.

Never a flying machine, but will do 70mph all day long at 30-35mpg.

Just know its limits, its not a 100bhp TDI 5 Cyl, its not a car, its a van!!!