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Rear tail gate "Rattling open"!

14-02-09, 12:46
Hi all,

wonder if anyones got any advice? My van has been previously converted from Barn doors to tail gate (not by me). It lock fine and opens fine etc but if i go down a bumpy road, it seems to rattle its self open. It dosnt actually come open, ie the tailgate dosnt lif but it the catch seems to come loose but its still locked. You can move it backwards and forwards about an inch when this happens. I think the catch on the threshold may need moving slightly but im not sure, anyone else had this problem????

Ben Holley
14-02-09, 14:38
Yeah my tailgate rattles like a **** too!! Its driving me mad.... Would be interested in a cure also..T:

14-02-09, 16:57
If it has been converted to tailgate from barn doors, then the holes on catch should really be elongated to give you a bit of play to move catch forward slightly or it won't secure properly to door.
It's an easy fix.


14-02-09, 18:20
Statler knows what he's talking about :D

(he did mine and it works a treat T:)