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new van advice please! T4

16-02-09, 17:47

have just got a n reg t4 and have a few questions:-

the only real thing that is concern to me, is the cv joint and oil seal on the drivers side gearbox PTO is looking wet. I am going to take the van in, to see if there is oil in the gearbox, i suspect there is. but if the oil seal in the gearbox is tired, how easy is this to change, persumably the bearing behind is tired also, can the entire leg (off the gearbox) be changed with one with decent seals? (smallest cost, that i can do meself would be the best option)

secondly, the gear selection is a little loose, there is defo nothing wrong with the gearbox as selection of the gears ontop of the box itself is fine, i assume the gear selector mechanism is worn, can these be changed with ease and where do i get them and what do i ask for? changing gear is fine, hense why i think the gearbox is ok, and with regards above has oil in it, it certainly feels like the balls etc in the selector is knackered.

lastly, it is evident these vans were not very well sound proofed out the factory, i am going to dynamat the entire van, and they lay sound absorbing matting under the floor (rear) and mats/carpets, anyone have pointers/source of stuff to use?

will be eventually wantin to convernt this into a camper, and currently the van is stripped out, with foil bubble type insulation in all the panels!

thanks in advance for advice.

16-02-09, 22:16
I am only going to comment on the first question. My van has had this seal replaced before I bought it. Can't be too hard as the charge was relatively small.
The brg. should be ok, providing it has sufficient oil in the gearbox.
I have changed a gearbox seal on a Mk2 Golf & for that I had to make up a special tool to release tension on a circlip that is removed to take out the drive flange.
I don't know if the T4 has a similar design, you will need to check your manual.