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wheres the leak?

16-02-09, 20:55
:eek:Hi Any idea where the water comes from?
Every tme it rains I find a great pool of water in front of the passenger seat Inside roof and dashboard are dry May possibly be trickling down behind the dashboard and coming out by the lever on the left of the footwell next to the door . Anyone got any ideas where it might be getting in. Had my own ice rink inside the other day ..and there was me worrying about condensation

16-02-09, 21:03
dodgy fitted windscreen


just dan
16-02-09, 21:06
check the top of your windscreen it could be coming from there mine leaked there just above the passenger seat couldn't tell were it was coming from till i saw it drip.

17-02-09, 16:15
check the drainage hole in the top valance section (flat bit just under the screen) by pouring a bit of water in and watching if it comes through. They can get partially bunged up.

17-02-09, 17:01
Mine is the same. traced it to a poorly fitted replacement N/S wing. looks like its getting in near the door hinge and runnng down over the arch .
Mine does also have a small leak in the centre of the screen but both easlily sorted.

17-02-09, 18:13
would imagine screen....

18-02-09, 09:21
Mine came from the screen , bottom left hand corner, water was being pushed up and in under it as there was minimal bonding there

nigel hunt
26-02-09, 17:08
mine also has water and dampness , but i think its from my hightop roof , i insulated everything but the roof and i think its causing condensation which is fine but now i have mushrooms growing in the floor mats around the bonnet release , well a fungus type stuff :eek:, hopefully get thwe roof done in the next few months.

01-03-09, 21:06
Try the fresh air intake housing, the bolts on my van were loose and water was finding its way into the passenger footwell. Incidentally a new bulkhead seal for the fresh air intake housing costs less than 2 from a main dealers.