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17" merc ml wheels for t4

29-12-07, 08:49
set of wheels 3 good cond and one with a bit of kerbing needs a bit of rubbing down as you can see these wheels with the big tyres just fit so will need the tyres changing i was going to fit 145 45 17 tyres from the scrap yard but these tyres are cheep enuff nowdays think that should give the right speedo reading anyway i only want 50 thats what i paid for them not including picking them up from north london
im in aldershot easy to find can pick up anytime as im off work with a broken leg
ive also got some toureg rims too but the stud spacing is a bit wider than t4s

20-01-08, 22:14
wheels still for sale taking up loads of much needed space please someone buy them please T:

21-01-08, 09:22
You have a PM !

21-01-08, 10:58
these are the only wheels i have thanks

21-01-08, 11:33
these are the only wheels i have thanks

??? Did you get my PM ???

22-01-08, 11:14
Did you ever drive your T4 with these fitted on as i was told some merc' wheels don't fit too well on the centers but not sure and never checked myself...
Also do you have a close up photo of the kerb'd one please?
Cheers Anton

22-01-08, 12:08
The center bore is bigger (is on my ml wheels anyway), can be solved easily though by buying wheel spigots. Si

22-01-08, 15:47
The center bore is bigger (is on my ml wheels anyway), can be solved easily though by buying wheel spigots. Si

Sorry for both the hi-jack and being as dumb as :c Are the spigots the bits of plastic that fit into the rear/centre of the wheel?

22-01-08, 16:41
aye they are indeed. Can get alloy variations aswell. Si

22-01-08, 17:37
yes your right you do need a spigot ive had the wheels on the front and back and with the smaller 245/45/17 tyres will not rub ad you sould get the right speedo reading and will clear in the wheel arch and look cool too but they do need a little work but for 50 quid its worth it :)

22-01-08, 19:44
I run this size wheel and tyre and they work a bloody treat.
you wont go wrong on those sizes.

25-01-08, 18:27
looks like im going to be weighing them in for scrap tomorrow :(

gazza g
25-01-08, 18:37
reg pm sent
cheers garyT:

30-01-08, 21:55
woooohooo alloys for me :)

31-01-08, 07:39
meny thanks for t4surfer for buying my wheels:)