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side window fitting in Kendal??? one for the Cumbria Boys

17-02-09, 17:09
Hi guys

Sorry to be a pest but a member on here had a thread on here showing his side windows being fitted by a garage in Kendal, just wondering who they are???

they looked like they did a professional job, would really like to use them



team french
17-02-09, 18:16
think there is some one in the trader section, if not it was snigvan who had em done so have a search thru his threads, theres also van wonders near carlisle if you fancy a trip further afieldT:

team french
17-02-09, 18:18
sorry, not trader but the links page but these are them-

17-02-09, 19:19
wicked thanks guys

17-02-09, 20:09
A mate of mine from Ulverston got his side windows fitted in Burneside at Vantec, good job, I have the number if you want itT:

17-02-09, 20:44
Lakeland windscreens...just tinted my rear window and fitted a new screen, cracking job, I can highly recommend them, 2 nice lads, one of them has just started his own T4 conversion, you know you're in the right place when theres a T4 in bits in the back..ha ha..!