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Paint + bra?

17-02-09, 19:22
Just bought a 98 T4 1.9td and the colour is cream. Cream? is this a standard colour? (will post pics soon) Lookin around it, it shows no signs of a respray, bulkhead and engine bay all the same colour too.

Does anyone else have one on here own one, if so wondered if they knew the paint code?

Also, can anyone point me in the direction of a brown bonnet bra?


17-02-09, 19:53
Give Mike a try at CMC with regards to the bonnet bra:

He seems to be able to make any bra in any colour T:

I've seen one cream van around St Ives/Huntingdon but it was a while ago. Don't know if it would be a standard colour or not or whether a firm maybe requested it. You could probably do worse than ring VW commercials garage and see if they know, unless you've already done it.
Vindis in St Ives have a big commercials department: 01480 461019


17-02-09, 20:26
well done on purchasing your new spending machine.... I:

the paint code should be on a sticker on the fuse box. by your right knee as you're driving.

bringing her along to the next midlands meet? should be a couple of lads coming over

from kettering.

18-02-09, 07:26
Thanks guys, I'll have a look at the fuse box this morning. And I understand what you mean about a company requesting a specific colour.

Cheers for the bra tip too!

18-02-09, 09:57
Is this the colour this was a van i converted last year i didnt like the colour at first but it grew on me. It is a genuine colour

18-02-09, 14:45
Yeah that's it I reckon. The paint code sticker by the fuse box reads;
R114 which I looked up online and it says ELFENBEIN Which translated means's certainly grown on me, unusual colour.

18-02-09, 17:27
Just found out that Elfen translates as Elves and bein translates as leg. So officially I have an Elves leg coloured van...