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Waterlogged thanks to sat nav!!

18-02-09, 18:59
Not me thankfully, LOL:

18-02-09, 19:05
Der, and what planet is he tuned into.

See water and take avoiding action surely?LOL:

18-02-09, 19:05
:eek: Thank god i don't trust my satnav LOL:LOL:LOL:LOL:LOL:LOL:LOL:LOL:LOL:LOL:LOL:

darren powell
18-02-09, 19:41
A: well wot can i say it was the right taxi firm went in there stream line taxis !!!!LOL:LOL:LOL:LOL:LOL:

lance2001 t4
18-02-09, 19:49
in 200 yards turn left at the trout..... LOL: LOL: LOL:

18-02-09, 19:52
some people are just thick and shouldn't be let loose on the roads, let alone carry passengers. whatever happened to common sense, oh look a river lets drive 200 yards up it!!

18-02-09, 19:55
you'll see the van on ebay next!!

one careful owners, low millage, no RUST!..... however the engines got issues!!

18-02-09, 20:02
Just showed this to Mrs K at which she remarked.........at some point he must have seen the water!!!!

She is right!

18-02-09, 21:26
sat navs do say to be used in conjuction with a map(and common sense)
but obviously people now cant read and word let alone a map..muppets

19-02-09, 08:08
Think someone told him to dip his lights. LOL:

19-02-09, 14:36
sat nav is brilliant ! and infallable..

its the finger interface malfunction that causes the issues.

when using a satnav dont put in the shortest route or you will be asking for trouble always put in the fastest route , this will work , trust me i use satnav 24/7..

so to finalise satnav good, human thick..T:

20-02-09, 08:19
He was driving the wrong vehicle...

Should of been a Ford! I: LOL:

.. or a Marina! I: LOL: