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General buying advice please

Atholl de-Saint-Croix
18-02-09, 21:02
Hi folks,
probably done to death so many apologies in advance.

I am looking to buy a T4 to convert to a camper to my own spec along with installing a roof rack and a ladder.

I would prefer a SWB and have my eye on a couple at Banwy vans as they seem to be a popular resource and feedback is good.

Can someone please advise me on the best engine type to look for, it will be used to travel Europe extensively in both hot and cold climates. I am quite prepared to buy a van and then replace the engine so would also appreciate a costing and advice on that if possible.

The advice so far I have been given is to buy a 2.5 TD as it is pretty much bullet proof but I have no idea to be perfectly honest!

Not asking for muuch am I! I do appreciate any advice on any of the above.

Kind regards

18-02-09, 21:20
have a look at the classified secton on here, few vans for sale I think.

18-02-09, 21:21
hi fella,
ive got the 1.9tdi and found it very reliable. the 2.5tdi certainly gives you a bit more oomph and if i was doing youre amount of travelling id go for bigger engine. have a good look on e bay as theres usually a good few on there for sale. try for one with history. just to let you know im in the middle of converting mine and although enjoyable its a lot of work so consider one thats already done or if you could find one thats been insulated/boarded/carpeted it would save you a lot of time, all the best :ILU: