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years of manufacture

19-02-09, 21:03
Just been having a look on autotrader as my van is now 10 years old and im thinking of a new one.

BUT i FOUND A 2004 T4 AND A 2003 T5???:confused:

I thought the last t4 was 2003 and first t5 2004
Can anyone clarify.

I wish they had made t4s later- i really prefer them to the t5:(

19-02-09, 21:10
it depends how long the T4 was sat in the show room before it was registed

19-02-09, 21:11
There are a few 2004 T4 but not many

19-02-09, 21:13
T4 and T5 production overlapped a bit at Hanover, but by May 2003 (the start of VW's 2004 model year) all German T4 production had ended - but then what about the Polish T4's?

Any 4X Polish T4 vans out there?

However, UK 04 reg started in March 2004 so it is feasible that there may have been some left over T4 stock lurking about...

... I've seen a 54 plate (September 2004) T4 I:

19-02-09, 21:18
I've got a mate with a 53 plate very early T5 had it from new also saw an 04 T4 last week so there about it 's finding them !! Happy hunting

19-02-09, 21:34 <<<<<<<< oh whats this?

Van Man
20-02-09, 10:48
They are around there is a 04 T4 running around Cardiff it is a fully converted camper with pop top etc.

It must have sat around the convertors for a while