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momo 17" alloys open to offers....

29-12-07, 21:19
as per title really. thinking of going bigger so thought i might offer up these.
they are in excellent condition just been know what the style is called but they are MOMO which is a good company by all accounts. they have good tyres on.
so if anyone wants to down size perhaps, a deal can be struck.i can offer wheels plus cash if required
any info/intrest please feel free to contact me ....


29-12-07, 22:10
got any pictures fella?

29-12-07, 22:18

i hope this works!!! not the best pics but gives you an idea what they look like.
will get some better ones up soon

29-12-07, 22:19

knew i'd it up somehow!!!

29-12-07, 22:26
well done fella, least you got pics up, so now you know how!
I have earmarked this thread for edit for you..

29-12-07, 22:36
thanks mate but i still cocked it up! i copied the other one and the same one came up but i'll get the hang of it , hopefully!

thanks again ItsaT:

29-12-07, 22:42
no problem fella, but not wanting to sound patronising...use the preview, it shows how your posts will look, pics and all.


29-12-07, 22:53
yeah will do mate. this is my first time on a forum like this so my knowledge is a bit limited but thanks again

30-12-07, 20:06

05-03-08, 20:17
Hi, How much for wheels and postage to oxford,( if you would concider posting ) thanks dwayn,

08-03-08, 19:22
sorry mate i think postage would be a tad expensive on these babies!!!!!

08-03-08, 19:38
look on ebay under wheel carriage, theres loads on there and they are quite reasonable! I've never used them so i dont know how good they are, feedback should be a good indicator though!:ILU:

08-03-08, 20:34
you could be wright, cheers any way,and to the guy for suggestion.