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clutch no resistance?

22-02-09, 12:09
hi all im broke down in bournemouth typing this on my phone waiting for recovery bods.

The clutch isnt responding. No resistance, just loose. I think the rubber stopper inside has slipped or hydraulic leak somewhere.

.pedal end cylinder has been replaced but with 2nd hand cylinder
.fluid loss as had to top up reservoir
.cant see leak on pedal end or under reservoir
.mech said could be 1000 quid if clutch any has to come out but looks accessible at boy end to me. Mech is trusted. Easy to do and reach?

22-02-09, 12:11
bled it off to get spanners and brake oil so prepared until done

22-02-09, 17:36
What model is you van?
Check your pedal box in the footwell.

22-02-09, 20:35
Hiya. Thanks for the reply :-)

It's the 2.5 1200.

Yes the clutch box failed and had to be welded. I found brake fluid under the reservoir and in the foot well so that's why we replaced the master cylinder at the foot well end.

But it's still leaking and can't see where so I guess it's inside the clutch.

Then the question I got to search for now is doing the slave end. I think we might be able to reach in there without taking the whole clutch out.

22-02-09, 20:52
on the 102hp 2.5 the slave is inside the gbox deffo gbox out job so might as well do the clutch at the same time. VW charge just over 500 for clutch +cylinder and fitting

I THINK that on the 88hp 2.5 the slave cylinder is on the outside of the box

not sure where you trusted mechanic get his price from!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek:

22-02-09, 21:09
The price was just off the top of his head so it's just an careful guess.


Yeah reverse is down and to the right so I guess it's the more expensive to do 102.

I wonder if there's anything else I should/could do at the same time? Any ideas?

I used a clutch specialist in Plymouth once for a diesel Fiesta. It was about 200 for the clutch. The clutch itself less than 40 I think with lifetime guarentee.

The van is drivable. I wonder where the best place is to get it done? If I could walk around a town for a day while waiting and then drive it back that would save alot of hassle too.

Any recommendations.