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16" Duchatalet Alloys

22-02-09, 14:20
I'm selling my set of 16" Carat Duchatalet 5 spoke alloys. They're an unusual wheel- I believe (but could be wrong) that they're made for Mercedes. I've never seen another set like them! They come with a centre cap which hides the wheel bolts- a nice touch. One of these has the print on, the others are bare. The wheels are in fair condition with some kerbing but no dents and no serious blemishes to the outside face- behind the spokes they could certainly do with a clean! There are three new tyres and one nearly new. Two of these are load rated, the other two were hasty purchases after being pulled over I:
The tyres are 225/50R16 and the wheels are ET35. They fit straight on to a T4 but could do with spigot rings to centre them perfectly and prevent vibration at high speed.
I'm based just outside Bath and want 200 for them- sorry, no posting as they're too large and heavy.


24-02-09, 20:03
bumpy bump

26-02-09, 00:58
You're quite right, they are indeed rare wheels. Proper old school classics too!:ILU:

merseyside bossman
26-02-09, 12:19
you should post these on a good t25 site like Brick-werks

26-02-09, 12:40
thanks for the advice- I've got a mate coming over at the weekend to check them out, if they don't sell I'll bung 'em on Brick-werks T: