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urgent, temp??

22-02-09, 15:11
my guage has dropped from 90 to 0degrees on the motorway, is it safe to drive?

22-02-09, 15:22
Could be as simple as the temp sender. Mine read 0 on and off for a while and the actual temp was 90 all the time.

Leave it a while and check the water level once it's cooled down. If it's ok chances are it's the temp sender/sensor that's fuggered ?

In which case it's fine to drive.

22-02-09, 15:25
the water tank is red hot, i have just felt it. and the engine smells hot im at a service station at the moment

22-02-09, 15:26
pipes are red hot aswell

22-02-09, 15:33
Does the gauge just not work mate? or does the temp drop the more you drive?

If it's the gauge it could be as simple as a sender in the header tank, if the temp drops the more you drive it could mean that your thermostat is stuck open?

22-02-09, 15:35
no, the temp guage just doesent work, i dont know what temprature its at?

22-02-09, 15:36
should an over heating light come on?

22-02-09, 15:40
:* it im coming home, my exhaust is snapped in half. i was taking my daughter back to uni because she has uni tomorrow. Sick of this :* ,somebody really has it in for me, i now have 0 transport. the car head gasket went on friday, thought my reliable 01 plate vw wouldnt be a problem obviously not.

John J M
22-02-09, 15:52
Just take it steady dont go over 50 sounds like the thermostat

23-02-09, 17:40
sounds more like the temp sender only something like 15-20 from vw mine went shortly after gettin the van drove round for months like it as long as the fans still work which is a seperate sender you should be ok

Cheers Ben :ILU:

23-02-09, 17:53
Sounds like a similar thing to what my van is doing, sometimes guage registers fine, others its at 0, then it comes up to 90 again, I seem to remember reading somewhere the pcb's on the clocks sometimes need resoldering, am I right in this or did I imagine it?
(highly possible)