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Brainstorm session

Captain Chaos
22-02-09, 21:11
My first weekend with our new van after getting it back from the usual service and I have removed the bulkhead, replaced the indicators, lowered it and t-cut the tailgate. Also dug out my old stereo gear as better than you can buy nowadays. Still,.. looking in the back I have no idea which way to go with it! Need a theme to run with. Did two bays 10 years ago, one green with five foot slimer sliding off the roof and down the side complete with Ghostbusters duvet covers used for upholstery, then did a lilac bay with Ribena men theme, airbrushed mural of ed up Ribena men on the back ... ooh and little guys on doors, one being sick, the other taking a leek, and as it hit down splashed along the side to make the stripe.

Must of grown up a bit as have no mad ideas for theme hmmmmm....

Lets hear any ideas guys A:

Captain Chaos
22-02-09, 21:16
Also my girfriend removed and split up the TransPorter badge and re-jigged it to make ... PornStarter and joSuPertart .. I:

But went with an even funnier one, lips sealed :ILU:

22-02-09, 22:02
This could be an interesting thread. :D
What ever you do, please post pics!!

22-02-09, 23:08
Must be a male thing.


23-02-09, 08:19
Yes please pictures of these busses they sound great :ILU:

Captain Chaos
23-02-09, 11:56
Okay I think my brother still has pics, he's lives in Sydney now though so I will send him an e-mail to scan them and pop em up when they arrive.

So no theme ideas yet people? hmmmm... thought when reading the transformers stickers thread someone might run with that one, but not for me.

23-02-09, 12:04
What colour's the van :confused:

Captain Chaos
23-02-09, 20:25
Its a lovely shade of fridge white presently, what a crime!