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is there such a thing?

23-02-09, 16:11
Can you get a 3/4 seat that folds into bed, on sliding rails with 3 point seat belts.
so it can fit on one side of van and move forwards and back while leaing room to fix a cooker/fridge etc on the other side

and if so where from

Dont ask for mch do II:

23-02-09, 19:19
Reimo Varitech Seat, I sourced mine from
Hope this helps.........T:

23-02-09, 19:49
Also try for a price comparison. Although we went for the RIB

23-02-09, 19:49

Doesnt come cheap though. The t4 is just over a grand but the t5 is 2K!:eek:

26-02-09, 01:34
You can also use a standard Multivan bed base but bolt a Caravelle twin seater to it with modified brackets to fold back instead of forward. Bit fiddly and means cannabalising a Multivan seat (though frames sometimes come up) but looks oem.