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88 special or what?

23-02-09, 18:55
Help please.

How do I know if my Van is an 88 or otherwise:confused:

23-02-09, 19:06
depends what you mean dude if your asking if its an 888 special then you will have to stick some pics up .if you mean is it an 88hp or a 102 then the usual way to check is if it has an intercooler on top of engine if yes its 102 if not its 88 theres also a diferance in the tdi badges 88 is blue i and 102 is silver i

23-02-09, 20:24
Yep addict basically covered it...

The T4s came in either 88BHP/102BHP (different injectors + added intercooler) and there were also a special run of them e.g. 888 Special / X Pack etc.

What are you looking to find out?