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list of pop roof dealers

24-02-09, 20:05
is there a list of pop roof dealers i can find loads of reimo dealers but im finding it hard to find any other makes plus no one wants to just sell me a roof so i can fit it myself as i want to mod it

25-02-09, 21:34
There's a guy in torquay who does them , about 2000 fitted , very close to a Reimo but with more reinforcing

27-02-09, 15:27
Try Graeme at Exploria

27-02-09, 19:19
so whos this chap in torquay then?

27-02-09, 19:21
Arthur at;

Top knowledgeable bloke.

Only just over the bridge too !

27-02-09, 19:48
so whos this chap in torquay then?Roger at Torbay conversions.

28-02-09, 08:45
There's another fella called Ian , he does a reimo copy , nicely done, Full length roof cutaway , with reinforcing frame, then nice low roof top etc .

I think Torbay are doing the reimo ones aren't they ?