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T4 or T5?

24-02-09, 22:58
I'm sure this has been asked before, but here goes. I would love a van, we used to have a T25 but that was sold when number three child came along. We'd like another van, and have been looking at T4's. I had decided on trying to find a nice 2.5tdi and then having two extra seats and windows put in the rear. I was looking to spend about 4K. However, in the last few months I have seen T5's comming down to the 5K mark. My question is this. Is it really worth waiting a little while longer and saving a bit more to get a T5 over a T4, Or, will I get a better T4 for the same budget?

Merry Monk
24-02-09, 23:47
It depends what you want? A T5 at that price will be a basic panel van. You will get more with a late T4, but not much more;)

25-02-09, 07:26
I'd get a T4, more choice, plus T5s are uglyH:

just dan
25-02-09, 10:03
a t4 will be cheaper to repair if they do go wrong plus i hear they're slightly more reliable. i also think they look better.
lastly the extra grand could be put towards kitting the t4 out to your own spec wehreas the t5 will be standard for the same money.

the t5 will poorbably be a better drive and potentially safer for the family though.

just a few things to think about. either way its a good way to go rock-on:ILU:

25-02-09, 19:27
driving position better in T5, so probably better if piling on the miles T4 better if you want to personalise your van. In my opinion...

big bazza
26-02-09, 16:30
if i could afford a t5,id definately have one over a t4,they drive better, go better,look better in my opinion
t4 is still a wicked motor though,you,ll probably get a t4 thats already done for theprice of a standard t5