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offroad boy
25-02-09, 19:03
Hi all my van has developt a bit of a problem when you take off from a junction and gas it it feels as if its a auto there is a delay in the power and then it all comes at once as iv notice the turbo seems to have devlopted a whoosing sound when you take yr foot off the pedal does any have any advice on the subject

offroad boy
26-02-09, 18:30
any one got any advice even a small bit

Hotel California
26-02-09, 18:43
I'm no expert but I'd check all the boost pipes/hoses for leaks/splits or maybe even just loose .have you got any smoke...:)

26-02-09, 18:55
hi i have a car like this its not the pipes but it turns out to be the vains in the turbo stiking open, also creating overboost and some times it goes into limp mode ?check thr simple things first dude:ILU:

offroad boy
26-02-09, 19:40
thanx for the advice guys there does nt seem to be any smoke as yet i had a similar problem on my passat and that turned out to be a split pipe so ill give it a good look over tomorrow