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Mini kitchen - I wanted to ask the panel of experts for their opinions!

26-02-09, 13:39
The photo's show a removable sink and hob cooking unit which I had made for my T4.

What are your thoughts? I was thinking of making a few more to sell if there was some interest.

Mini Kitchen open:

Example of storage:

In closed position:

This one is made from spray lacquered s/steel faced sealed mdf, there is a drop down flap at front to house the small camping gaz canister and storage for bacon pan etc! The the top has flaps to reveal two burner Smev gas hob and circular sink and tap with an electric pump.

The whole unit can be lifted out using recessed handles on the sides and stowed away in the house when your not in weekend or camping mode. This forms part of the bed as well and has a padded top panel to give extra bed length.

So anyway if you use your van for sports, camping, work and everything else in between then this may be a flexible solution.

26-02-09, 13:47
I like it, I was thinking of something to slide out from under the Multivan Bed section at the back of the van for storage (Like lardyb has).

Wasnt thinking of using it for a gas hob aswell, but thats a nice addition.

26-02-09, 13:54
Yes another member did the slide out one which is a great idea I didn't think of that at the time. Trouble is is the slide out one is likely to be fixed in place and makes the van less flexible. Cheers Aaron

26-02-09, 13:58
what does it weigh ?

26-02-09, 13:58
My plan was to use rails underneath, sandwiched between the drawer bottom and a pice of ply that can slide in and out on top of the van floor.
And fix it down only at the front, under the slide section of the seat so it could be removed for general use.
(would be held in place side to side by the bed supports.

I have not got any further than thinking about it though, as always :D

26-02-09, 14:02
it is about 20kg Bananavan, I can lift it on my own but could really do with some honeycombe board but is expensive or use 15mm mdf. But this is most of what you need in a camper so quite compact I think and not loads of fixed cabinets down the side of the van making the ride unbalanced.

26-02-09, 18:20
I like it, handy for us Caravelle peeps who have lots of kids so can't convert our vans.