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Pop Roof?????

26-02-09, 20:45
Hi all

I have a 1992 T4 Multivan, white, 197,000km, 2l petrol engine, bought when i lived in Germany, love it its in great nick!

But the question is how much would i pay for a pop roof????

My tax per year over here which im just about to pay is 619 a year, ouch! and if i had a camper, which in irish law should be that you can stand inside it, up to 2 metres and an oven and sink, the oven and sink is grand but i want to get a pop roof, as the camper tax is 68 euro, big difference,

I dont mind payin a bit for a pop roof as the tax i would pay in a few years makes up for it and we do plan to keep this awhile.

Will be goin to Germany this year may pay a visit to westfalia! my guess it will be in england or germany i get it done!

Opinions please

26-02-09, 21:33
Depends how much you mean by 'paying a bit'

They certainly ain't cheap and they're not warm in the winter either

These prices are from freebird conversions but they are pretty much of a muchness give or take a couple of hundred

VW T4 2,750.00 2,950.00 :eek:
VW T5 2,950.00 3,225.00 :eek:
(Prices inc VAT at 17.5%)

Hope this helps

26-02-09, 21:57
Dont mind the cold as i wouldnt really be using it in the winter like the pop roof that is,

I just cant get me bill and ted around the fact that i have to pay 619 a year on tax, its a costly love, then theres the rest of the money i spend through out the year, so i reckon 2 grand or there abouts is an investment tax wise.

I may look to gettin it done in germany though, im sure it would be cheaper with Westfalia