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getting bonded windows from vw

26-02-09, 21:19
Im looking for bonded windows for my T4 panelvan, sliding door and opposite. I live in west of ireland. Would it be cheapest to get glass and seals direct from vw? also what should I ask for?

26-02-09, 22:13
Hiya Richie

I'll get you a price tomorrow for them up here

If your coming up for Dubsurf we could sort out collection etc T:

27-02-09, 08:41
Thanks Turlough, Im going to phone main dealers here and see what price they give me as well. Thanks lakeland but Im looking for an Irish company

John J M
27-02-09, 19:36
My VW dealer is great but he needs a code to order them as they dont appear on screen anyone got the part number

Big Bad Bear
27-02-09, 19:58
703845301S think thats the sliding door one i bought the other side second hand so no part numbers

Big Bad Bear
27-02-09, 19:59
ohh and the rubber seal is 723845121