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Suffolk Members big favour needed!!!

27-02-09, 13:05
There must be a few of you on here!! Need a really big favour from someone if possible.. Found some new rims on ebay that are located in Suffolk.. Was wondering if anyone would mind picking them up for me and storing them until I can get up there?

Probably not going up that way until the end of March so I would need them stored safely until then.. Loads of beers in it for ya!!!

Was going to arrange my own courier, but would probably be easier for me to pick them up when I pass that way going home.. Am currently in Plymouth so on the very off chance that any of you are coming devon/cornwall way, would you mind popping them in the van with you?! I:

Let me know soon as possible as the ebay listing ends in the next 3 days...

Cheers all.. Big thanks if you can help out..

Jono :ILU:

27-02-09, 20:30
where about in suffolk, as i live in ipswich, might be able to help, do not drink but do smoke :D