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Lowered, but a word of warning....

28-02-09, 15:06
Finally got the KW kit on today!! Woohoooo you're thinking.........

Well the job didn't start off too well, started by loosening the wheel bolts......"CRACK" :* The locking wheel bolt (different insert to the rest) split/cracked tried a number of different approaches to loosen it but it just wanted to spread open more, we then tried the neighbours pneumatic driver. DID NOT BUDGE :(


Then drove around local town garages asking for ideas on how to get it out (some ideas more brave/stupid than others)

My local Bathwick Tyres came to the rescue (rather than the average Saturday 1 hour wait, within 5minutes of turning up and explaining the dilemma, all the mechanics were stood round the van coming up with different ideas. It was then bumped up the queue and we put it straight on a ramp and wrestled it out!!!!!!! H:

So word of warning if you do use (for argument sake i'll call them Fik kwit) Make sure your wheel bolts don't get over torqued.......

Hats off to Bathwick Tyres in Chippenham for your help!! T:

KW Kit fitted now......I like roundabouts now!!!!! :ILU::D:ILU:

28-02-09, 16:04
Eek, have had similar problems, had a rahter large mechanic swinging off the end of a long breaker bar trying to loosen the nuts on my wheels, imagine if my wife had a puncture and tried with the little wrench in the van toolkit.... no chance.

28-02-09, 20:41
Oh ive had this problem so many times from tyre fitters liking there windy gun to much. I now have a set of locking nut eaters in most sizes. Genuine ford ones are the worst i reckon for splitting. The funny thing is when you leave the garage they tell you to check your wheel nuts in 200 miles err they aint ever coming off.

28-02-09, 21:05
Had this on various cars in the past.

Little tip: Every year or more I "service my wheels"

Basicly Take them all off one by one. Clean them inside and out, and wax them to a shine.
Then Take a wire brush to the hub centre to clean it up clean the threads on the bolts.
Next smear cooper grease on the hub centre where the wheel centres, Now with every wheel bolt smear copper grease on the first few mm of thread.

Next time you take your wheel off they come out lovely - but still make sure your wheel bolts are torqued correctly or at least done up with the "emergency spanner"!!

01-03-09, 09:05
Finally got the KW kit on today!! Woohoooo you're thinking.........

Which kit did you go for and what drop?

Was it this one.....http://www.bluebird-type2.co.uk/T4%20suspension%20parts.htm

Do these shocks reduce body roll by much?


01-03-09, 20:36
Yep the KW kit, top of the page.

Eliminates body roll?? Its totally transformed my van... Roundabouts are a doddle now, it just feels more sure footed on the road and you still have all your teeth left after a trip to the shops... Go for it!

A quick before and after....still settling a little though...

BEFORE (http://i154.photobucket.com/albums/s246/nickfowke/DSCF0005.jpg)

AFTER (http://i154.photobucket.com/albums/s246/nickfowke/010320091091.jpg)