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Fiamma Barn Door Bike Rack Fitting Tips Please

28-02-09, 16:34
I've just bought a good condition secondhand rack from eBay - very pleased with the purchase at half the cost of a new one.

I've just offered it up to the van and before I press on with what I think I need to do, thought I'd consult you lot :)

- The bottom clamp nearest the opening end of the door will not sit flush when clamped. This is because at this end of the door there is a fillet of metal rivetted to the bottom of the door. I therefore think I need to trim the last flat section of the clamp off with a Dremel, leaving the lip. Seems a bit drastic. Any ideas?

- Do people leave theirs on all the time? I'm inclined to but wonder if they are prone to being pinched? My van is kept outside. For convenience I'd prefer to leave it on. Has anyone changed the bolts to something more theft resistant?

- The frame obscures my deadlock. Will have to see if I can move it slightly so the key can access it. Also obscures my T4 Forum badge!

- Any tips for cleaning the aluminium, which is a bit weathered?

Big Baza
28-02-09, 18:57
Had to cut end off my bottom clamps with small grinder to fit rack also I leave rack on all the time.Hope this helps